Sunday, 18 September 2011

Emmy Night!

Well, I've had a busy weekend.

My neighbour asked if I could help set up tables for a HUGE garage sale to raise funds for an organization that helps animals.

A bunch of us went to a local festival. They had all kinds of booths set up (crafts, jewelery, food, toys, plants). There was a Lady Gaga impersonator who was absolutely amazing! The kids (monsters) were loving it too. The weather was great. We also went for our traditional lunch of homemade perogies and sausages at a local Ukrainian church. There were so many dogs there too! I felt bad that I didn't take Neil. Maybe next year.

I planned our meals for the week (because it's all about the food): chili, marinated beef on buns with dipping sauce, chicken parmesan sandwiches, and spinach quiche.

I am hosting our weekly Wednesday party this week and I am serving Asian BBQ meatballs, spring rolls, chips, nuts, etc., and of course wine and coolers!

I also plan to make butter tarts, peanut butter cookies, Skor bar brownies (yes, Skor bars), and a lemon pistachio loaf. I have wanted to bake for weeks now but it has been too gosh darn hot!

I have to show you some pictures of our cat, Truffles. She has the cutest paws you have ever seen! I confess, I do have a paw fetish.

Oh, and we managed to squeeze in a Greek dinner too. Yum!

Gotta go watch the Emmy show! Bye!

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