Monday, 23 July 2012

BBQ Food

We went to a friend's annual BBQ this weekend. Lots of fun, food, and drinks!

crab-stuffed jalapenos

bean salad

Friday, 13 July 2012

Downtown Toronto

I went downtown on Wednesday. We shopped, had snacks, had dinner, and some wine! Didn't get home until late! Lots of fun! Here are a few pics. It was a beautiful day!

inside the Eaton Centre

old and new

Monday, 9 July 2012

My "New" Studio/Office

My studio/office needs an overhaul. I need to reorganize my closet and all my containers. I was thinking about getting new doors for the closet because I don't like the ones that slide back and forth. They are not suitable. Opening and closing all the time and I couldn’t access the stack in the centre of the closet. I wanted doors that could open up at the same time. Then I decided to remove the doors altogether! So much better! It opens up the room and makes it feel so much bigger. I now also have full access and view! I love it! Now I will sort through all the bins and reorganize them even better than before. My huge bead container has already been done! It's not a big room, but it's functional.

One whole wall consists of shelves that house many things (books of all kinds, craft books, craft patterns, supplies, knick-knacks, magazines, photos, CDs, DVDs, etc.).

This view shows my desk, computer, photos, TV, and knick-knack shelf.

This wall consists of my closet (doors removed!), my filing cabinet, and Joey the budgie. Most of my supplies are in this closet. See the three Sheltie hooks on the back wall? There are even more containers stacked inside the closet to the right and left that you can’t see.

The couch (for creative thought), some of my CDs, a bulletin board, a picture of the Eiffel Tower (I hope to visit Paris someday), two Sheltie pillows, and, of course, a stuffed Sheltie! And, yes, that is a frog sitting on the couch. How did he get there? The turquoise container to the left has all my DMC floss in it, carefully stored in zip-lock bags.

The best part of the room—Neil the Shetland Sheepdog!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Vintage Ruler

Here is a little vintage ruler that I wanted to share with you. It is also a knitting needle gauge. My mother just gave it to me. She must have had it tucked away for years. It is dated 1948! It came from a hotel chain in Montreal (where we are originally from) and Ottawa. Note the prices of the rooms ($3.00 to $5.00). I know, I know, it does seem a bit steep, but it does include a “bath and radio”! LOL I guess those really were the “good old days."