Friday, 19 December 2014

Caribbean Cruise November 2014

Sorry for the late posting... Here are a few photos from our cruise. Loved it!

Oasis of the Seas

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

stray cat (very friendly)
The Ship's Merry-Go-Round

Oasis of the Seas

St. Thomas greeters

We never saw these critters before. They were not shy at all!

Biggest chicken fingers EVER (Magens Bay, Saint Thomas)!

Cute dog (Saint Martin)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wednesday's Walk with Neil

Our Neighbourhood

This was the sky in front of our house today. It was very strange looking!

This is a front lawn in our neighbourhood.
The whole lawn consists of flowers, plants, and trees.
It's like a little fairyland forest! Very cozy!

I love sunflowers!


Can you find the bee?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Bees & Flowers

I took these photos today! There were so many bees! I couldn't
resist taking a few pictures.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


We went downtown the other day to see a friend's daughter's condo. Nice building with a great view! We walked around the neighbourhood and did some shopping, and we had a nice lunch.

CN Tower

 This is a 9-foot sculpture of a giant thimble
commemorating the garment district in Toronto. 

I love taking pictures of bikes!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Neil's Blog #4

Neil, the Shetland Sheepdog, here again!

Mom and Dad went to Port Perry today (northeast of Toronto). Mom never likes leaving me at home so they brought me with them. We had a lovely day walking around and enjoying the sights. They had ice cream (I didn’t have any). My mom would never let me have something like that. Not good for dogs at all! They brought water and kibble for me. They always take care of my needs. They searched all over for an outdoor patio so they could enjoy a snack and a glass of wine where I could join them. No such luck!  We then decided to go to the best outdoor patio EVER! We headed home and they enjoyed leftover Chinese food and wine out on our deck! I dined on kibble and had a nap. Life is good.

Also, on the way home they stopped for some freshly picked Ontario strawberries at a roadside stand. I will probably get a strawberry or two later…


Thursday, 3 July 2014

What is This?

I spotted this little creature on our back door this morning and I just had to take a picture of it. Isn't nature wonderful? Look at the detail on him! I have no idea what kind of insect it is.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Friday's Flowers

Hamilton, Ontario

A few weeks ago we went to Hamilton for the day (for a change of scenery). We strolled along the main street and had lunch at Chuck's Burger Bar. OMG! I am still thinking about my lunch! It was delicious! We also did a 10-km bike ride along a lovely path. It was a beautiful day!

Spicy fire-grilled chorizo sausage and juicy ground chicken with pepper jack
cheese, sauteed onions, roasted peppers, tomatoes, red onions,
and anchovy chili mayo. To die for!