Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Packing Up Christmas

Yesterday, I packed up the Christmas tree and the decorations. I didn’t enjoy any nice peaceful days leading up to Christmas this year (it seems to come faster every year and I missed nine days when I was away in early December). So, I put on two of my all-time favourite Christmas CDs (on repeat), carefully packed up all the decorations, and sang my brains out to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s The Christmas Attic and Ally McBeal, A Very Ally Christmas featuring Vonda Shepard (boy, can that girl sing) and the show’s cast. The last song on The Christmas Attic CD, “Music Box Blues,” is a seldom-heard song but I love, love, love it. It makes me want to cry. Please listen to it some time. I had the cat sitting on a stack of storage boxes beside the couch and the dog had his head on my leg while I put the “special” ornaments in their respective boxes. It was a long process and I enjoyed every minute of it. The cat was not happy with me packing up her tree and putting all her “toys” away. She sat on ALL the boxes and basically got in the way. At the end, she was sitting on the tree skirt and I had to slide it, and her, out slowly until she finally got up.

She looks so sad here.

New this year from my daughter

For my husband (the Bike Guy)

I bought this one because of his hat and scarf!

A miniature mug

Cross-stitched by me

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